The Negative Aspects of Social Media

How the excessive use of social networks affect your life

Most people consider that social media has an important impact on their lives and its uses have been growing during the last decade. Used as a tool for building relationships, the uses of social media have been replacing other media. However, negative effects of social networking have caused some potential harm to society.

That’s true the importance of the social networking sites in our society but it’s unquestionable that its uses are causing damage to people. The more time the people spend on these social media sites, the less time they will spend socializing in person with others. Consequently, this reduces the ability of communication, which is crucial to our lives.

According to some users, the excessive time using these sites affects their motivation to start or continue new activities. Even if people use a computer for research and studying online they eventually will get attracted to using social media sites leading to distraction and preventing you from doing what you were supposed to do.

Not only does social media bring negative effects to our behavior but it also concerns us about our physical and psychological health. Some researchers believe that continuous use of social media changes people’s mood making them feel more stressed causing anxiety, depression and loneliness.

In conclusion, it’s certainly disadvantageous for people’s lives to spend so much time on social networking sites. The longer you spend on the internet, the less time you will be able to live in the real world. Based on these reasons, it’s recommendable not to replace other means of interaction for social media and moderate the uses of it.